Top 5 Reasons to Use Relief Buddy When Employees go on Vacation

Can you believe it? It seems like Spring just arrived and we are already thinking about and looking ahead to the summer months. Are you stressing about staffing your pharmacy during this time? Don’t, we have 5 reasons to use Relief Buddy to fill your staffing needs this coming summer.

  1. Save time!
    Instant notifications are sent once you add your shifts to the platform, and candidates can apply immediately without delay.

  2. Access to qualified, vetted candidates
    A fast and efficient screening process of vetted applicants. View detailed candidate information, including resumes, allowing you to choose the candidate that best fits your needs. 

  3. No paperwork is required
    All shift booking, contracts, and invoicing are automated through the platform; cutting down on your administrative time.

  4. Your relief staff immediately adds value
    You have provided your requirements for the position when adding your shift(s), so the relief staff will have the skills and experience needed to immediately get to work. 

  5. Maintain control, while being flexible
    Accommodate vacation requests from your staff as they are submitted and have confidence that your pharmacy can continue to maintain the level of service your patients are accustomed to.

As you plan out your summer vacation schedule, think about using Relief Buddy to fill your staffing gaps. Relief Buddy helps pharmacies remain flexible while saving time and money. It takes just a couple of minutes to download the app from your app store and create a profile.

Download the app and register now.
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