Thank you, Pharmacists

World Pharmacists Day on September 25 is a day to recognize and celebrate what Pharmacists contribute to global health outcomes. 

To celebrate World Pharmacists Day, Relief Buddy has put together five fun facts about Pharmacists:
  1. There are over 4 million licensed or registered Pharmacists, of whom ~2.8 million are actively practicing (source)
  2. Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals.
  3. Pharmacists invented four different sodas; Coca-Cola was invented by a Pharmacist named John Pemberton. Charles Alderton, invented Dr. Pepper. Detroit Pharmacist James Vernor created Vernor’s Ginger Ale, and finally, a pharmacist invented Pepsi. (source)
  4. Benjamin Franklin was a Pharmacist, while Agatha Christie was a pharmacy technician. (source)
  5. The first licensed Pharmacist set up shop in the French Quarter. Louis Dufilho Jr. of New Orleans became American’s first licensed pharmacist in the early 1800s. Before then, you did not need a license to become a pharmacist. (source

Pharmacists do so much more than dispense medication. Pharmacists are a crucial part of the healthcare system, from administering vaccines to being on the front lines during pandemics to participating in developing new and advanced medicines.


Thank you to Pharmacists worldwide!